This was Big-Data.AI Summit 2021! 

The Big-Data.AI-Summit is Europe's leading conference on the practical application of artificial intelligence and big data in business. On 21 and 22 April 2021, attendees had the opportunity to digitally network with AI pioneers, decision-makers, and solution architects. #BAS21 helped them discover novel approaches to creating business value from AI. Over the course of two days, we took a deep-dive into real-world industrial use-cases. We also addressed the ethical and societal challenges of human-machine interaction. Thus, #BAS21 took everyone beyond the hype right into the real world of AI applications.  


#BAS21 addressed three topic clusters

Business Value from AI


Creating business Value from AI

In this cluster, we cover a number of important macro topics, from AI and big data business strategies to new machine learning methods to the role science fiction plays in opening up new frontiers. We look at practical use-cases where companies have embedded conversational AI solutions into their ecosystems. We quantify the advantages of intelligent automation. We address the challenges that face companies while they execute theoretically sound AI strategies.


Industrial Use-Cases


Industrial Use-Cases

This cluster is devoted to best-practice solutions that demonstrate how AI and big data are transforming industry branches. We dive into the intricacies of applying smart data algorithms in the financial sector. We showcase AI-based applications that are enabling radiologists to make better diagnoses. We take on the challenges of predictive maintenance and showcase how AI empowers smart factories.


Ethical and Political Challenges


Ethical and Political Challenges

This cluster addresses the ethical challenges as well as the economic and social dimensions of the AI revolution. In thought-provoking sessions, we ask how much decision-making freedom should be given to algorithms in important areas, such as health, education, and personal finances. We debate the role state regulations should play so to define a sustainable and ethical AI framework. We tackle everyday challenges facing companies in the area of data protection.


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