Federal Cabinet launches Mobility Data Ordinance

  • Exchange of mobility data to pick up speed as of July 1
  • Berg: "Innovative transport solutions are being slowed down instead of advanced"

Following the approval of the Bundestag and Bundesrat, the Federal Cabinet today agreed to the last amendment requests of the Chamber of States and thus got the Mobility Data Ordinance underway. The data is then to be made available as early as July 1 via the so-called "Mobilithek" as a national data access point. Bitkom President Achim Berg explains:

"The Mobility Data Regulation will slow down innovative transport solutions rather than advance them. In particular, we take a critical view of the obligations to provide real-time data envisaged in the regulation. There is a risk that the numerous incentive- and contract-based initiatives and cooperations, such as the Mobility Data Space, will be damaged. Real-time data, for example dynamic geo or pricing information, is largely competition-sensitive data that provides insights into business models of mobility service providers. It should be protected to ensure the competitiveness of digital and consumer-focused mobility solutions. Those who have invested or are investing in digital technologies and data-driven business should not be disadvantaged by a compulsion to share data critical to business success. After all, not all mobility companies are subject to the provisions of the Passenger Transportation Act and thus to the new regulation. However, the same law must apply to all. The goal of ensuring a uniform legal system for all market participants must therefore be brought into focus in the future. This opportunity presents itself, for example, in the announced EU initiative on multimodal digital mobility services or the Mobility Data Act announced in the coalition agreement."