The Reactions of a Data Genius

15 January 2019

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In the 1950s the term Machine Learning was defined for the very first time – as the simulation of intelligent behavior by computers. 70 years later, no other topic is deciding the future of industries as much as the use of AI solutions.

Experts in the field are scarce and to find simplicity in the complex data structures is a unique talent, gifted to few and demanded by many.

Dr. Sebastian Wieczorek is one of these talents. As Head of the Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation, SAPs technology platform to develop and execute AI services for companies, he creates value out of learning machines and is a key part in ethical AI decisions of SAP.

We sat down with him and showed four different quotes by thought leaders of digitisation. The quotes were:

Does he think AI will bring the end of the world? Is there even simplicity in data, and how will human stupidity impact the course of AI?

He gave us unique insights and his opinion to the quotes at the SAP offices in Berlin.

For more information about Dr. Sebastian Wieczorek and his work visit SAP