#BAS22 | 14 & 15 September 2022

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#BAS22 gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts and executives from the Big Data & AI ecosystem and debate on the latest trends and common challenges in Europe and beyond.  

As a partner, you can showcase your expertise by contributing best-practice presentations, inspiring panels, and interactive workshops. Don’t miss the chance to present your ideas and solutions to an international audience, engage your future customers and shape new business potential.

These are your benefits when becoming a partner:


Share innovation

Share your innovation with an international audience and become a trusted expert to your customers


Meet the community

Meet the Big Data and AI community in a personal setting and generate brand awareness for your business


Engage with leaders

Engage with political and industry leaders, gain insights into the Big Data and AI future and broaden your perspective


Curated Networking Community

Take advantage of our curated networking opportunities and profit from 360-degree communication


Raise your profile

Raise your profile, gain access to connect industry thought leader expertise and start a collaboration


#BAS22 addresses three topic clusters

BAS22 | Topic: Scaling applications

Scaling applications

By exploring use cases across all industries, we have seen the transformative potential of big data and AI applications on the whole value chain. To enable the implementation of AI systems on a large scale, it is crucial to have the right foundations. What are the best data strategies for this? And how to succeed with the operation of applications across the whole organisation? To answer these and more questions, we want to investigate the strategies needed for successful data management and the best practices when it comes to scaling. We aim to make the shift from understanding big data and AI applications to using them as an integral part of daily business.   


BAS22 |Topic: Leveraging technologies

Leveraging technologies

Large language models lift text processing to a new level and edge AI brings intelligence into all parts of the internet of things. Increasing computing power lets companies leverage the whole information of available data and with quantum technology new standards in processing time are set. Which new technologies offer the greatest potential for business value in the future? What are the developments to watch out for when improving processes and developing innovations? With experts at the frontier of technological progress, we want to provide you with the relevant insights. 


BAS22 | Topic: Empowering society and policy

Empowering society & policy

Big data and AI offer immense potential for tackling the big challenges of the 21st century. To meet this expectation, it is crucial to align the technical implementations with what we strive for as a society. But how can big data and AI applications gain the trust of users while offering excellent solutions to our most pressing problems? Bringing the right principles into the daily data-driven business in an increasingly digital society is a key question coming with the continuous datafication of our everyday life. At #BAS22 we want to build the bridge between the technological reality and the aim of providing an ecosystem of excellence and trust.



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