BAS21 | Speaker: Lukas Mazanek
Lukáš Mazánek
Head of Data & Information Competence Center

Lukáš is Head of Data & Information Competence Center at Raiffeisenbank. He has been involved with Data Warehousing for more than 15 years. Lately, Lukáš found a new passion for making IT and business departments work together and search for new opportunities hidden in data. Lukáš holds a master's degree in System Engineering from Mendel's University, Brno.



How data science can transform banks and add value for clients

  • Dr Oliver Maspfuhl, Chapter Lead Data Scientist, Commerzbank

  • Lisa Sammer, Product Management, SAP

  • Lukáš Mazánek, Head of Data & Information Competence Center, Raiffeisenbank

  • Lukas Dvorak, Business Development Manager, PROFINIT EU

  • Lina Weichbrodt, Machine Learning Lead Engineer, DKB