BAS21 | Speaker Melinda Jacobs
Melinda Jacobs
Founder & Co-CEO

Melinda Jacobs is a games expert, tech entrepreneur and N7 paragon. She's a geeky nerd who found a way to combine her love of games and her fascination with people's behavior into an award-winning expertise. As the founder of the digital experience agency Subatomic, she’s helped companies and organizations develop interactive experiences that change behavior through play, games, and gamification. Her current role is as a founder and Co-CEO of Perkio where she's on a mission to help companies and employees co-create long-lasting wellbeing using gamification and data science. As an international speaker, she routinely gives talks around the world on playful design, organizational psychology, and technology ethics.



“Rules of engagement”: gamification & ethics

  • Melinda Jacobs, Founder & Co-CEO, Perkio