BAS21 |Speaker: Prof Dr Thomas Neumuth
Prof Dr Thomas Neumuth
Universität Leipzig, ICCAS


Prof. Thomas Neumuth is an engineer and computer scientist. His research interests focus on model-based medicine, smart biomedical technology, and situation-aware medical information systems. He is Chief Technology Officer and Deputy Director of the Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery (ICCAS) at the Universität Leipzig. He is heading the research division Model-based medicine of ICCAS. He is active in several professional organizations such as the European Expert Panel for Medical Devices and InVitro-Diagnostics, the ORNET user association for medical device interoperability, the expert committee “Model-based personalized medical technology” of the German Society for Biomedical Technology and the working group “Healthcare, Medical Technology and Care” of Acatech’s “Platform Lernende Systeme”.



AI applications in action for better and personalized therapies: what do we learn from good examples?

  • Dr Ralf Angermund, Therapeutic Area Director Hematology & Solid Tumors, Janssen-Cilag Germany

  • Prof Dr Thomas Neumuth, CTO, Universität Leipzig, ICCAS

  • Laura Wamprecht, Managing Director, Flying Health